Android Phone Useful Secret Setting


Super Secret Application for all smartphone users to add a quickest shortcut in mobile phone notification panel.Through this application a user can create or add shortcuts of their applications in the mobile phone notification panel.It is an amazing application to use the application in faster manner.

More than 60 Cool Snappy Settings:


– Volume

– In-Ear Sound

– Ringer mode

– Cast

– Application and Easy routes #1

– Application and Easy routes #2

– Application and Easy routes #3

– Adding machine

– Dice

– Counter

– Keen Update

– Night screen channel

– Climate

– Battery

– Music volume

– Play/Delay

– Bolt Screen

– Contact

– Inquiry

– Capacity

– Caution

– Clock

– Camera

– Progressed reboot

– Power menu

– Caffeine

– Screen capture

– Splendor

– Auto shine

– Synchronize


– Screen timeout


– Pivot

– Vibrate for calls

– Versatile information

– Mono sound


– Adb Over LAN

– Movements

– Immersive mode

– Heads-Up

– Battery saver

– Encompassing Presentation

– Transform hues

– Perusing mode

– Picture-in-Picture

– Warning Drove

– Cell information write

– Info strategy picker

– LineageOS Profiles

– Hotspot


– Position


On the off chance that you have a few issues to apply tiles, please include each Brisk Setting is in the best and afterward evacuate tiles you aren’t occupied with


It doesn’t take a shot at Chinese ROMs.

This isn’t application’s blame. It doesn’t work in light of the fact that THE Maker did exclude TileService Programming interface. It won’t work until the point that that Programming interface will be actualized by the Maker

Substratum topics bolster

Is it true that you are a themer?

You should realize that this application has all hues uncovered in colors.xml document (qualities or qualities night) since adaptation 5.0. Do you require help? Email me.


Empower heaps of speedy settings, even without root.

On your PC compose: adb shell pm give it.simonesestito.ntiles android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

What’s New :

Turkish interpretation included

New video on YouTube

Power Menu Discourse evacuated (please read the most recent news about Openness Administrations)


Demonstrate Taps

Chinese interpretation refreshed


Heaps of bug fixes.

Included “How to utilize” enormous catch

Gift discourse reestablished

Included data about no-root mode

New snappy settings:

Web Speed


Included German interpretation


This application utilizes the Gadget Overseer consent. This consent is utilized just to bolt the screen if the client empowers this element. It will never be utilized for different purposes and dependably with the most extreme opportunity of decision from the client.

Are you searching for an interesting application for your android mobile phone for making the user interference more easier and faster to use then this application is best just try it once.

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