Mobile Sensor Hidden Secret Setting


Here is the best Mobile Sensor Application which you can use in your day to day life.It will help you to save your precious Time.

For Example : If You keep your mobile phone in your bag or in pocket then sometime it automatically opens any application and your mobile phone battery drains very fast.So this application will help you manager your mobile in an amazing way just you have to click on Proximity Sensor Mobile Phone then the phone will automatically Lock Or Unlock as you direct.

Here is the Video Explaining the Features and Importance of the Application :

Autostart on boot (Application will begin when device is rebooted)

The application has been worked with material outline usage. This closeness application has a perfect interface with no befuddling catches.

Auto On/Off (Application will naturally begin at wanted time and stop at wanted time)

In the event that you keep running into issues or face bugs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through email so I can investigate the issue.

Increment the life expectancy of your android’s energy catch by utilizing this nearness application!

Sensor Postponement (set time delay before sensor identifies protest , helpful to counteract accidental locking/opening)

Perpetual Notice (handicap lasting notice. can make issues underneath Jellybean)

Take extreme control over your android with this closeness application.

This application utilizes the Device Manager permission.

Principle Highlights:

Bolt (device bolts and screen kills when vicinity sensor secured)

Open (device illuminates and screen turns on when vicinity sensor secured)

Pocket mode (Device secures when put stash and opens when taken out. This mode now likewise utilizes the accelerometer to check device position. Device secures when upside at a predefined edge and when sensor is revealed. It opens when sensor is revealed)

Bolt/Open (Device locks if screen is on and opens if screen is off)

Past Adaptations’ change logs:

V 6.51 –

1.Added seek bar for sensor delay.

2. Application reconstructed with Android studio.

3. Included Bolt/Open element

4.Client config spared when notice is clicked

5. Changed symbol shading.

6.Added “incapacitate in scene”

7. ‘About’ segment included.

V 6.44 – Criticism catch changes

V 6.43 – Minor design changes

V 6.42 – New symbol 🙂

V.6.41 – Bug fixes and now two choices

1.No warning (temperamental and can cause issues when device runs low on memory)

2.Visible warning which will be lasting.

This Application Mostly helps in every conditions as you can also use this application in emergency conditions as you do not have time to close your mobile phone.So this application will do the same as you direct it.


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