Most Unique Application for Android Mobile


Are you feed charging your mobile phone again and again?Is that your mobile phone battery drains very fast from 100% it directly falls to 10% or 20% or sometimes automatically switch off.Then Try this Application which you can check your battery status and the charging status.


– Capable for sun based charger adjustment with a specific end goal to get the most extreme charging rate.

– Doesn’t deplete your battery! Important. You will see no effect in your battery life, rather than different applications.

– Battery temperature.

– Battery level and status.

– Live charging estimation in mA (milliampere).

– Battery releasing current in mA (milliampere).

– Auto revive of qualities always.

– Capable for powerbanks.

– Battery voltage and innovation.

– Simple in utilization. No need of any settings. It just works.

– No extraordinary rights required.


– If the link isn’t a quality one can result to moderate charging.

Here is the Video explaining the Importance and Features of the Application


Charger Tester is an extremely equipment related application. It Doesn’t deal with all devices. Before you purchase the adFree adaptation be careful that it may not take a shot at your next device or on your different devices. Best practice is to utilize the free form and in the event that you are fulfilled continue with the adFree adaptation. Much thanks to you.


– Works incredible at LG devices. I ve tried numerous models.

– Nexus 5, nexus 6

– Moto g

– HTC m9

– Samsung cosmic system s4

– Samsung cosmic system s5

– Samsung cosmic system s6

This Application helps the user to manage the mobile phone battery properly and also provide a detailed information about the performance and status of the battery.Through this Application user can also check which mobile phone charger is better for charging the phone.Once every user must try this Application.


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