PlayStore Amazing Application For All Users


Are you doing work on mobile phone till late night?Then this application is best for you as this application provides you to keep a clock alarm which automatically closes your opened application or operations when the time is set.

For Example :
If You listen Music for late night then if you select a time duration limit (30 Minutes) in this application after the time period is over ( After 30 Minutes ) it will stop music and your mobile (Music player) Application will be closed.So their is no need to worry about the Phone Battery or loss of data balance.

You can Also Use For YouTube Application or any other applications which you like.

Premium variant (Accessible by means of in-application)

Promotion free

Delightful Gadget for your homescreen

If it’s not too much trouble attempt it with your most loved player before purchasing.

The free form contains advertisements

Importance of Application :

Works with Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, YouTube and numerous some more. To check whether it works with your most loved player, simply download the application and give it a shot – it is free.

Make presets for your as often as possible utilized clocks

With our presets, you can switch between standard clocks with only one tap

Keep your battery from depleting

Toward the finish of the clock, the music is stopped* to keep your phone from playing music throughout the night and depleting the battery.

For some applications, stopping the music does not work. All things considered the phone volume will set to quiet if all else fails. For this situation, the music will keep playing.

Shake to expand clock

Some of the time nodding off isn’t that simple. Our shake to stretch out enables you to shake the phone to expand the term of the clock, without you unlocking your phone.

If You Work On Mobile Phones till late night Once you should definitely try this application am sure you gonna love this application as it is 100% available on Playstore.


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