Top Secret Android App of PlayStore


Create Multi account for any application and Add private images/videos to hide from others in a Calculator.

Make multi represent any application and Include private pictures/recordings to escape others

1. Number cruncher Secret word Assurance

We have included the secret word security of mini-computer implies if some other client opens the application than they will discover typical mini-computer so nobody realizes that there is private stockpiling and multi represent other application

When you begin application first time than include secret key between 4-8 digit than you need to enter that watchword than tap on = to open the multi account

2. Unique mark Security

In the event that your gadget have the usefulness of unique finger impression sensor than you can utilize it to open the private space simply touch the unique mark sensor when mini-computer opens than you straightforwardly diverted to the applications which you are included parallel

3. Notice Access for different Applications

On the off chance that you need warning than and afterward just give the authorization yet in the event that you need to shroud the things than don’t give notice consent.

Here some social application are persistent keep running in foundation and produce warning when any occasion happened so according to your prerequisite give the authorization.

4. Make Parallel Record for Applications

Simply tap on the include catch it will open the application list than add application which you need to duplicate or clone for second record

As a matter of course alternate route will be made and it will be on the home screen you can evacuate it and specifically access inside the application

5. Include Private Pictures

Client can include or reestablish the pictures in the event that you have some private pictures and wouldn’t like to demonstrate any one than simply add that pictures to the private space so nobody can see that pictures

You can choose and unselect numerous pictures at same time to include or reestablish the pictures. Make organizer and add pictures in to that reestablish the all pictures of envelope with simple client cooperation.

6. Include Private Recordings

Add private recordings in to the protected space so nobody can see that recordings in the rundown just you can see that recordings.

Include recordings from the exhibition or with utilization of camera, Record video and add that video to the protected space

Play Slideshow of pictures and recordings simply tap on play symbol to begin the slideshow

7. Secret key Recuperation

Add secret key recuperation email to recover the overlooked watchword and open the application we have included this office in the event that you overlooked the secret key.

8. Change Secret word

Change the secret word to open the multi record of use simply open the setting from route menu and tap on the change watchword to change watchword initially enter the old secret word than it will ask the new secret key.

9. Uninstall Security

We adding pictures and recordings to the protected area and in the event that somebody uninstall the application than all information will be lost nobody can reestablish it so we exhorted you please permit the authorization for uninstall.

Open setting and tap on the Uninstall Application Security than simply begin the Insurance so nobody can uninstall it specifically.

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