WhatsApp Secret Button For All Users 2018


We have progressed toward becoming addicts to social informing applications and we can’t leave without them for not even 10 minutes.

Every one of us generally do our talking Out in the open Spots like Transport Stops, Transports, Trains, Classrooms, Home, Office and so on. In any case, There will be a huge number of eyes looking at your Screen and those individuals can’t tend to their very own concerns.

Shroud Talk Name Application is an application which is utilized to conceal the name of the individual in Visiting Application.


* Now You can Give Counterfeit Name, Counterfeit Pic, Counterfeit Status.

* Moment Watch with Single Tap on the Coasting Symbol.

* You can Give a phony Name for the Individual and Individuals around you will think you are visiting another person.

* Move the Symbol wherever it is practical and simple for you to utilize.

What’s New :

* Evacuated Enormous Bugs by Including Little Ones

* New UI Subject and Iconset.

* Now You Can Include

* Counterfeit Name

* Counterfeit Pic

* Counterfeit Online Status.

* Highlight to Coordinate Talk With Application Designer.

* Single Tap for Concealing the Visit Name

* WhatsApp Snappy Access On Twofold Tapping HideChat Symbol When You are Outside WhatsApp

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